Payment and delivery

If you are placing an order for the first time, we recommend using the Cash on Delivery service.

You will receive the goods at the pick-up point of the Transport Company in your city and pay on the spot after checking the parcel. For this, the transport company will take a small commission of 4% of the value of the goods.

Collect the desired product in the shopping cart. After clicking the Checkout button, you will be given the opportunity to choose from the following shipping and payment methods.


1. Cash on Delivery
2. QR code
3. Credit card
4. Transfer by phone number
5. Transfer to bank account
6. Cash

Cash on delivery

At the request of the Buyer, the goods can be paid for at the point of issue of orders after checking the contents of the parcel. In this case, the Buyer reimburses the cost of the commission of the transport company for receiving cash on delivery in the amount of 4% of the cost of the parcel.

Payment by QR code

To pay, you need to open your banking application on your phone and select the Pay by QR code option.
Point your camera at this QR code.

Follow the app's instructions.
Be sure to fill in the payment purpose field. Specify the date and number of the invoice/agreement, the name of the Goods/Services.
Check the payment amount.

Payment by credit card

After selecting a product in Shop, go to Cart, where all your purchases will be collected. For payment (entering your card details) you will be redirected to the Bank's payment gateway. Follow the instructions. After payment, you will be sent a check by e-mail.

Payment by bank transfer

Bank BIC: 044525974

IP Dobkin Igor Alexandrovich
Settlement account: 40802810400003007658
TIN: 673001359624
OGRNIP: 322673300001326

When paying by bank transfer, you must indicate the number of the account or agreement on the basis of which the payment is made, as well as indicate the rate "VAT free".



The buyer independently picks up from the production warehouse at the address: Smolensk, st. Popova, d. 5. Get directions.
You must pre-arrange a meeting time.

Warehouse opening hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-15:00.

Transport companies

You can choose the most convenient carrier company. We recommend PEC, KIT, Energy.

We will deliver the parcel to the collection point of the transport company in Smolensk for free.
To organize transportation, the following information is sufficient:

  • Transport company name
  • Your full name, phone number (taken from your personal account)
  • The address of the point of issue of orders in your city.
    If you have difficulty finding it, please provide the address of your location. Let's pick the closest one.