PRODEK – Simple Wooden Structures

Manufacture and wholesale of small wooden structures, consisting of parts of a simple geometric shape. The company maintains a continuous production process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The main equipment is automatic CNC machines based on standard woodworking machines, connected by logistics lines. For the manufacture of products, dried wood of various species is used.

Automation of production makes it possible to achieve high rates of yield, achieve an economical and rational use of raw materials, and achieve high accuracy in repeating parts.

Production is environmentally friendly and virtually waste-free.
Shavings after sawing are used for the production of wood pellets.


The best price without intermediaries: deliveries from the production warehouse.
Bulk orders at a special price

Delivery types:

  1. Transport companies present in Smolensk at the choice of the customer.
  2. Transport company PEC. Optimal for today.
  3. Pickup from the warehouse.
  4. Shipping costs are calculated on the calculator of transport companies. There are no additional fees.


High-tech production based on automatic CNC machines, united by logistics lines. We produce and sell small wooden structures, consisting of parts of a simple geometric shape.

  • CNC production: automated production with minimal manual labor
  • Ideal geometry of products: deviations in the linear dimensions of serial production parts strictly in accordance with GOST.
  • Quality control: wood is a unique material whose natural properties are the presence of knots, cracks and other artifacts that affect the strength of products. Only products that have passed inspection are sold.